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We recognize that everyone’s personal journey is unique. And, at the same time, we are trained to recognize the universal themes present on everyone's path. We provide the opportunity of personal and spiritual growth for individuals and families to reach the place of finding the Truth that lies within, like the pearl in its shell.

Personal healing takes place in therapy through a process of Uncovering, Recovering, and Discovering. It begins with uncovering self destructive behavior, maladaptive patterns, and distorted thinking that pave the way for separation from one’s Being. The light that emerges from within helps us recover self-respect. With this comes joy and happiness for oneself and for others. With this new founded freedom, one makes healthier, more mindful choices for the present and future, and comprehending becomes a way of life.

Our Philosophy of Therapy


At TLC Whole Health Center we believe that strength comes directly from adversity. This is true when we understand how our Inner world is related to our Outer world. There is an illusion most of us have that events in our lives are who we are rather than merely what happens to us. This is important because the outcome of any situation is determined by our interpretation of it, the meaning we give it.

We, as individuals, through our identification with the external world, adopt a false self (ves). This results in maladaptive patterns of behavior, thinking, emotions, and instincts of survival.

At TLC we recognize that strength rises from comprehension, not from labeling things “good/bad”. Identification with this polarity “good/bad” in the absence of comprehension causes suffering, pain, and psychological imbalance. Notions of “good” and “bad” are often subjective, reflecting a pendulum swing between pain and pleasure rather than an objective truth. When we comprehend a situation, we are often able to find good in the "bad" and even discover bad in the "good".

A challenge we face is not negative or positive but rather an opportunity for awakening our consciousness. There is a deep inter-connectedness between all phenomena in the world. The butterflies in South America affect the weather in Paris. In the same way, our internal state determines what will be the nature of our connection with the people and events in our life.

At TLC we do not see psychological challenges as illnesses but rather as opportunities for growth. Every individual has an inner healer that can help them work through a challenge. The therapist holds up a mirror for each person to see themselves using their own consciousness. All of us have a birthright to find our true nature, to discover our purpose in life and to create true meaning for ourselves.

Our pain and traumas are opportunities to part the veil of ego separating us from the light and Truth within, the inner Being.


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