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Type Two

Enneagram Type Two

Enneagram Type Two wants to be needed. Love and survival depend on "Giving to Get". Like a fairy godmother or godfather, they do special things for people and surprise them with unexpected gifts. Type Two has a habitual focus on other people's needs, taking pride in the importance of giving and helping. Twos may be unaware of how much time and energy they spend giving until they feel sad that others are not able to do the same for them. The Two enjoys being indispensable and as a result, others can become dependent on them. The pride they feel giving to others keeps them from knowing themselves, what their needs are, and how to receive. 

Twos have a hard time expressing their own needs, which feels very vulnerable to them and they find it much easier to give. They are manipulative and alter their presentation to meet the needs of "important" others, having developed the gift for flattery to an art form as a way of creating intimacy. Emotionally astute, Twos have a way of creating rapport with even the most difficult people. Softhearted and sympathetic, Two's are sensitive to others and always seem to notice when someone feels sad or is in distress.

The Vice of the Emotional Type Two is Pride.

Work on Self
Two's do not realize that they are giving to get. They would say that they are meeting the needs of people around them. Twos can work on themselves by noticing how they manipulate others by helping them and by stopping themselves. If they observe the difference between their need to help and the actual needs of others they will feel truly good about themselves. A sense of humility will cause Type Twos to be loved, reducing their fear of being unloved.