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Type Four


Enneagram Type Four

Enneagram Type Four needs to feel that they are specially gifted, intuitive, original and unique. They see themselves as being sensitive, expressive and spiritual. They would like others to see them as emotionally deep and compassionate. Type Four's idealized image is that they are artistic, accomplished and special.

Nostalgic by nature, Fours often focus on past experiences. This can either lead to deeper insights or to downward spirals of melancholy over painful unresolved feelings. Fours often ruminate on what is missing, craving an ideal love or circumstance. There's is a constant longing for some missing ingredient to personal happiness. The "Tragic Romantic" feels somehow that others enjoy the happiness that they have been denied. What is missing for them is perceived as being distant and hard to get. Next to what is missing "ordinary" life pales by comparison. There is a deeply felt abandonment that translates into the belief "I am unloveable”. And at the same time, "Romantics" feel that they are special and elite. They feel that their profound suffering sets them apart from others.

Type Four is an Emotional Type with the Vice of Envy.

Work on Self

It is good for Fours to remember that others’ experiences are just as real as their own. Fours can refrain from indulging in fantasy about what is missing, about feelings of melancholy, nostalgia, longing, etc. As with all the Personality Types, the highest functioning level for the Four involves being present in the moment. The practices of Self Observation and Self Remembering help the Four reduce the fear of being defective.