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Type Three

Enneagram Type Three

Type Three is identified with accomplishment and success.The habitual focus of their attention is on tasks, roles, and results in order to become "winners". Enneagram Type Three feels that love and recognition are for "champions" and therefore have become "Performers". Threes are likely to place continuous pressure on themselves to maintain an enviable image. As they push harder and harder to complete tasks, trying to stand out, to be number one, it can become exhausting for the Three. They may even appear robot-like because they have begun treating themselves like a machine. Threes are inattentive to their own feelings, around which there is a mood of "Not now". 

Looking successful in someone else’s eyes is what motivates Type Three to push themselves harder to accomplish more. Threes have a tendency to be overly self-promoting. They can confuse their image with who they really are, engaging in a form self-deception. 

Each of the "Emotional" Types of the Enneagram (2,3,4) are focused upon their image, each in their own way, and Type Three is the pivotal Type of this group.

Enneagram Type Thee has the Vice of Vanity.

Work on Self
Threes can refrain from being competitive and focus on legitimate self improvement. This will garner genuine admiration from others and lessen fear of rejection. If the Three can remember themselves in the moment, they can find self worth apart from "achieving". You are a human being, not a human doing.