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William Wexler, PhD, Psychological Assistant

William Wexler, PhD, Psychological Assistant began his clinical work teaching autistic children and applying relaxation therapy at the USC student counseling center in 1972. He continued clinical training in many psychiatric settings through graduate study at United states International University, San Diego. His training included treatments for schizophrenia and heroin/alcohol addiction, with applied psychological testing. Dr. Wexler’s masters thesis is copyrighted and noted for its original contributions related to personality factors and living alone. He received his Doctorate degree at the Cambridge Graduate School of Psychology with clinical specialization in cognitive-behavioral and existential-humanistic therapies.

Dr. Wexler joined the TLC Centers in 1993, working in their inpatient and day-treatment for grief, depression and stress. With a steady eye on personal growth, mind-develpment, and affordable client fees, he enjoys outdoor walks, meaningful reads, and playing with his dogs.