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Type Seven

Enneagram Type Seven
Enneagram Type Seven loves what is new, novel or unusual. Type Seven is an Intellectual hummingbird who escapes anxiety by keeping exciting options open. Sevens want to be stimulated and to stimulate, to be exciting and be excited. Optimistic, active, and energetic, they are charmed charmers, fascinated by people, places and ideas. At home with people, places, and things, Sevens want to squeeze the juice out of life.

Sevens do not want limits. Flexibility gives them the option of changing their mind at the last minute. They are habitual planners who are always assured of having new opportunities and adventures. Sevens are "Epicures", pleasure-seekers, gluttons for experience.

Sevens can sometimes overdo gluttony and stimulation until they collapse or become ill.

Using quick wit, bright eyes and a ready smile, they have a knack for avoiding and diffusing conflict. Rather than buck authority, they will find a way around it. At times the Seven may act superior to others – but behind the bluster is fear of being inferior.   

Instead of following through on their multitude of ideas, Sevens may operate as though having a vision is the same as accomplishing something. If their dreams remain unrealized they can become jaded, selfish and increasingly self-indulgent, losing their sense of commitment and ability to follow through, becoming flaky, letting commitments slide and people down.

Intellectual Type Seven's main Vice is Gluttony.

Work on Self
Sevens can refrain from their Gluttony by not jumping into the next project, but by appreciating what they are experiencing. Being in the moment gives Sevens an experience of genuine happiness. This reduces their fear of missing out. When the Seven becomes acclimated to the present, they can be disciplined and sober instead of getting high on new ideas, options and plans. Finding the right work can help the Seven focus attention by sticking with something. Freedom comes from accepting limitations and thereby the door to completion is opened.