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Type Six


Enneagram Type Six
Sixes want to be safe and secure, to fit in and belong. They want to have certainty and security, and for there to be a trusted authority, a strong belief system or tradition. Sixes see themselves as faithful, friendly, loyal, dedicated and reliable. Their idealized image of themselves is that they do their duty and lend support. Loyal and dedicated, they understand the value of making sacrifices for the group. As the "Devil's Advocate", they have the ability to test truth and to recognize and challenge a bad authority.

Enneagram Type Six thinks that love and protection are gained by their vigilance and endurance. Their attention is on detecting threats, hazards, difficulties, scanning for danger, hidden motives or agendas. They greet everything with doubting, contrary thoughts. Six's are “proof junkies”, they need to test people, ideas and beliefs over and over again to see if they are worthy of loyalty.

Sixes report having active imaginations that amplify questionable areas. They question people and authority. They procrastinate for fear of the outcome, and as a result fail to complete projects.

Type Six is an Intellectual Type whose Vice is Fear.

Work on Self
In their search for security, Sixes can remember that the only real security lies in having faith and in trusting themselves. Sixes can refrain from distrusting others, and begin to be more loyal to them. This will elicit genuine good will, making the Six feel more secure and reduce their fear of being abandoned.