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Type Eight

Enneagram Type Eight

Enneagram Type Eight is honest and straightforward. An Eight feels a strong need to take charge of their own destiny. They pride themselves on their ability to surmount obstacles and they feel that what doesn't kill them makes them stronger. They stand up for what they believe and they see backing down as a weakness. They believe that respect is gained by acting strong and powerful and try to avoid any appearance of vulnerability.

Eights are "Bosses", instinctive leaders who are in a position to protect the weak. If they sense a power vacuum they will often step in to fill it. The focus of attention for the Eight is on the balance of Power and Control, and where Injustice is occurring. They are aggressive, intimidating and impulsive; these "Protectors" are confrontational and express their anger immediately. They are concerned with protecting the weak, but deny any vulnerability or weakness of their own.

Whatever Eights like, they lust after. When they do something they do it at full speed. There is a tendency to push things to the edge and sometimes run over others in the process. They are quick to respond and can overreact. They can come on too intense and be unwilling to self-limit. This may lead to escalating conflict due to an over reliance on their own truth and self-defined justice. Eights see life as a contest of wills, and can become confrontational, having difficulty backing down or admitting defeat. 

Type Eight on the Enneagram is an Instinctive Type whose Vice is Lust.

Work on Self
Eights can refrain from wishing to control others by practicing Self Observation and Self Remembering. The experience of being in the present will make Eights more independent and reduce the fear of submitting to others. The recognition of a higher power can help the Eights attain a proper relationship with their environment, allowing them to cultivate their Virtue of Innocence.