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Type Five


Enneagram Type Five
Enneagram Type Five prefers to play the role of detached observer and investigator. Fives feel more comfortable being in their thoughts than in their bodies. In general they see the world as intrusive on their life, as overwhelming and chaotic, demanding too much and giving too little in return. They prefer to be seen as rational, logical and scholarly. They see themselves as intellectuals, dispassionate and investigative.

Private and solitary by nature, Fives like to be invisible until they are ready to reveal themselves and their expertise. Fives refrain from sharing themselves and know how to give and withhold their involvement to have the greatest impact.

Fives think that love and respect come about by them maintaining self-sufficiency. For Type Five the focus of attention is "What do others want from me." They have a marked need for privacy, and they limit intrusion from the world. As a result, "Observers" hoard time, space, energy, knowledge and their interaction with others. They are detach from their feelings and observe rather than participate.

Enneagram Type Five is an Intellectual Type, having the Vice Greed.

Work on Self
Even though there is always more that can be learned, it is helpful for the Five to recognize when they know enough to make a decision. Our map of the world is a mental construct, not the actual territory. Fives can stop detaching themselves from the world in a stance of objectivity, instead feeling what it's like to take part in the real world, which includes their participation. The increased understanding of the world that results will reduce their fear of being overwhelmed by the world.