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Type One


Enneagram Type One

For Enneagram Type One attention goes outward, to the environment to create improvements, correct imperfections and right what is wrong. Enneagram Type One has a habitual focus on what is correct or incorrect. They are sincere, earnest and diligent. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything, and the One realizes that there are often standard operating procedures. Type One likes to assumes responsibility for following protocol, policies and procedures. They act in accordance with standards and principles, not according to others' rules. Type One prefers what is practical, grounded and stable, avoiding the appearance of being silly or frivolous. 

Type One is a moral "Perfectionist". Ones live with a powerful inner critic monitoring every thought, word, and deed. They worry about getting things right. They are very sensitive to criticism and strive for perfection. Ones have an attitude of moral superiority and correctness, but within they have a deep fear of being wrong, bad, evil or corruptible. "Perfectionists" report a focus on "being good", and they will repress their impulses and desires for pleasure. They can be rigid and overly controlled, seeing "virtue as its own reward."

Type One works hard to repress negative emotions like anger, feeling that to express them is wrong or inappropriate. They feel that showing overt anger demonstrates a loss of control, and they have to suppress their wrath when others are not working as hard as they do or don’t feel the same responsibility that they do.

Type One is an Instinctive Type whose Vice is Anger.

Work on Self
Ones can refrain from correcting others, examining themselves instead in the moment. Being in the present requires an effort of being. It is the key to healthy development regardless of our Personality Type. Self Observation and Self Remembering helps the One to do the right thing without resort to rigid protocols. Having a feeling of real virtue, they can silence the inner critic and reduce the dread of condemnation. Real perfection already exists in every moment. There is nothing that needs to be reformed or improved in the eyes of God.